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Windows Server Updates - October 2019

09 October 2019, in Shared Hosting, Cloud Servers, Dedicated Servers

We will be carrying out Windows Updates to our Windows Shared Hosting Servers and to customers servers with Managed Cloud and Managed Dedicated Servers during the times set out below.

Start of work - At Risk period:
Start Date: 9th October 2019

End of work - At Risk period:
Risk End Date: 10th October 2019

Times work will be carried out:
Start Time: 05:00
End Time: 8:30

Service Impact:
Servers will need to be rebooted after updates are applied.

Microsoft releases Windows updates and patches on the second Tuesday of each month. These updates fix security vulnerabilities, performance and other issues.

After testing the latest updates we roll out Windows updates to all Web Wiz Managed Windows Servers.

Web Hosting Pricing and Resource Changes

27 September 2019, in Shared Hosting

For many years we had honoured the price of the hosting package when they were taken out by customers even though our own prices to provide these services has increased by as much as 400%.

There are a few hosting packages listed below which we are unable to maintain at 'Gandfarther' pricing or at the current resource level for the price being charged.

Grandfather Pricing
The following Hosting Packages, taken out before 2016 and charged at lower 'Gandfarther' pricing. The price will be changed to bring them inline with the current rates that are charged for these hosting packages that you can view below.

Standard Green Web Hosting
Monthly Billing - 4.45
Quarterly Billing - 13.35
Annual Billing - 44.50

Advanced Reseller Green Web Hosting (also known as Advanced Mutli-Site Web Hosting)
Monthly Billing - 29.95
Quarterly Billing - 89.50
Annual Billing - 299.50

Resources Capped
The 'Starter Reseller Web Hosting' sold before 2012 came with unlimited websites for 9.95 per month. A few customers are hosting large numbers of websites which we are unable to maintain at this price point. Therefore we will regrettably be capping the number of Hosted Websites to 25 for the Starter Reseller Web Hosting Package.

If the changes affect your service, please contact us for an account review to see if we have better hosting options for you.

Automated Forwarding to Microsoft, Google, and Yahoo Mail Services

18 September 2019, in Shared Hosting

Microsoft, Google, and Yahoo mail services do not differentiate between the sending server and the server that forwarded a spam message, and as such, they commonly blacklist legitimate domains for forwarding spam.

Between 25% and 30% of all emails sent daily from our mail servers are sent to Microsoft, Google, and Yahoo mail services, making it very important that mail delivery to this providers is not blocked.

Some website owners have 'contact us' and 'signup' pages on their websites that send an authenticated email from their website to a local mailbox which then forwards the emails from the local mailbox to another provider. This is increasingly being targeted by spammers. 

For the past two months, the staff here at Web Wiz have worked 15 hour days analysing log files to detect mail accounts that are forwarding authenticated spam sent from their websites to other providers. This is proving to be a losing battle as new forwarders are added as fast as they can be removed.

The situation has become unsustainable and hiring a team to try and manage these forwarders would mean increasing prices to a point we are no longer competitive. Allowing our mail servers to be blocked and 30% of emails to be undelivered is also not an option. This leaves us with one option left, to disable the automated forwarding of emails to Microsoft, Google, and Yahoo mail services.

Forward emails in your email clients and webmail service will continue to work the same as previously, but all automated forwarding of emails to Microsoft, Google, and Yahoo mail services has been disabled.

While this will be unpopular with some customers, it is a decision we needed to make to allow reliable mail delivery for the majority of customers.

The page below lists mail providers that blacklist domains for forwarding email;

Spam sent from website 'contact us' forms

14 September 2019, in Shared Hosting

If you have a 'contact us' page on your website that forwards email to Gmail, Yahoo, Hotmail, Sky, BT, or TalkTalk please remove the forwarder.

Many websites have 'forms' such as 'contact us' pages that allow visitors to complete the form and send the website owner an email.

Often spammers use the 'contact us' page to send the website owner spam, which they mark as spam when the email is received.

If the email is forwarded to another provider then marking the email as spam tells the mail provider that our mail servers are sending spam and block our mail servers from sending further emails.

If are forwarding emails sent from your website to another provider please remove the forwarder. 

We may need to disable email forwarders to other providers if website owners do not work with us to stop their websites from sending spam. 

Sending Bulk Email

13 September 2019, in Shared Hosting

We want to remind customers that Web Wiz, like many other web hosts, is not a bulk mail provider.

We are working around the clock to ensure that our mail servers can deliver emails, and in the most part this has been successful, and we have not seen any further blocks of our mail servers till today.

We are still seeing a small number of customers sending bulk email. Many times the senders are under the impression that the email is not bulk email because; they are only 20 emails, it is opt-in, they comply with GDPR. This is not the case we do not allow the sending of any bulk email. 

We have updated bulk mail detection systems that will suspend the mail services of those sending the bulk email.

If you're planning to send bulk email, consider looking into alternate solutions from bulk mail providers.  www.Mailchimp.com can provide tools for managing subscribers and help you comply with GDPR. Others like www.mailgun.com and www.sendgrid.com can provide website bulk email using SMTP on port 587 from your website.

For Terms and Conditions on sending email using our Mail Services please see; https://www.webwiz.net/legal/terms-of-use.htm#EmailTerms

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