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Email delays to Yahoo, AOL, Sky, and BT

02 September 2019, in Shared Hosting

We are presently seeing delays of up to 6 hours in emails sent to mailboxes that have their services provided by Yahoo, these include.

BT Yahoo

We are working to resolve the issues.

Spam sent from 'Contact Us' forms on websites

31 August 2019, in Shared Hosting

Many websites have 'forms' such as 'contact us' forms that allow visitors to complete the form and send the website owner an email.

Numerous website 'forms' do not have protection from automated software known as 'spambots' that auto-complete the forms to submit spam, which in turn is emailed to the website owner.

The emails are then delivered to the website owners mailbox on our mail servers, so while a minor irritation for the website owner does not pose a big problem.

This might not be the end though. If the website owner has set up a forwarder to their Yahoo email address, or that of another provider, then these spam emails are forwarded on to their other mail provider.

Quite often, the first thing that the website owner does on seeing the spam email from their website is to mark the email as spam.

What they probably have not realised they have reported their own website as sending spam!


 This then gets their website a bad reputation as a spam source as well as our mail servers, which then leads to email delivery problems for everyone using our mail servers.

Tracking down the mailboxes that are doing this takes many painstaking hours of manually checking of logs files to identify mailboxes that receive emails from their websites and then forward those emails on. With over 12,000 mailboxes this is an almost impossible task.

We do not wish to implement a blanket ban on forwarding emails to GMail, Yahoo, Hotmail, Sky, BT, Verizon, etc, so we are asking that if you have a website that send emails from a 'contact us' or other type of form, that you do not forward these emails to other providers.

You may also wish to look at protecting the forms on your website from automated spam bots by adding CAPTCHA images or other such protection.

Mail Server SMTP Authentication

28 August 2019, in Shared Hosting

A bug was found in the mail server software which has now been fixed that allowed emails to be relayed without the correct authentication. 

This bug has now been fixed and SMTP settings for sending emails now matches that in our documentation within the Knowledgebase section of our website.

The bug allowed for email addresses to be spoofed. This is where the 'from' email addresses does not match the email address you are using for authentication allowing for emails to be sent using any email address as the 'from' email address. The spoofing of email addresses is often used by criminals gangs to money extortion scams, identify fraud, infect victims computers with malware and ransomware.

It is likely that a small number of customers are sending emails using a different email address from what they have in their SMTP server settings for authentication. If your email address does not match the email address used in your SMTP authentication settings then you will need to update your email settings.

Updated Terms and Conditions: Sending Bulk Email

28 August 2019, in Shared Hosting

Web Wiz is not a bulk mail provider and while we have in the past allowed customers to send small amounts of bulk email, this makes up less than 1% of the total of emails sent by our customers. This small amount of bulk email is causing continuous issues with email delivery that affects all our customers.

We have therefore regretfully taken the decision that we will no longer allow the use of our network to send bulk email whether opt-in or otherwise.

Our Terms and Conditions and Acceptable Use Policy have been updated to reflect the changes in policy. Please take your time to read and understand the changes. You can find the Terms and Conditions and Acceptable Use Policy Use at the links below;

For customers that do wish to send bulk email there are a large number of bulk mail providers that can provide services to send bulk email for their domains. Some popular ones include sendgrid.com for sending emails from websites and mailchimp.com for sending marketing emails.

Windows Server Updates - August 2019

14 August 2019, in Shared Hosting, Cloud Servers, Dedicated Servers, Colocation Services

We will be carrying out Windows Updates to our Windows Shared Hosting Servers, Cloud Servers, Managed Dedicated Servers and Hyper-V Hardware Nodes during the times set out below.

Start of work - At Risk period:
Start Date: 15th August 2019

End of work - At Risk period:
Risk End Date: 17th August 2019

Times work will be carried out:
Start Time: 05:00
End Time: 8:30

Service Impact:
Servers and Hardware Nodes will need to be rebooted after updates are applied effecting all services.

Microsoft releases Windows updates and patches on the second Tuesday of each month. These updates fix security vulnerabilities, performance and other issues.

This months update is particularly important as there is a zero day wormable exploit to the Remote Desktop Services (RDP). This vulnerability is pre-authentication and requires no user interaction! If you have your own server you should run windows updates immediately.

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