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Changes to VAT - 1st July 2019

22 June 2019, in Domain Registration, Shared Hosting, Cloud Servers, Dedicated Servers, Colocation Services

New rules to simply VAT within the EU came into force in January 2019.

Under the new rules we no-longer need to charge VAT at the rate set in the customers own EU Country and instead charge VAT at the UK rate of 20%.

As of the 1st July Web Wiz Ltd. will be deregistered from the EU VAT scheme and for customers presently paying VAT, the VAT rate on payments to Web Wiz will change to 20%.

The UK has one of the lower rates for VAT, so for many of our EU customers the changes are good news as it will mean lower payments.

Please note; For our UK customers, VAT registered Business in the EU, and customers outside of the EU there will be no change. 

CentralNic Price Increase

11 April 2019, in Domain Registration

Prices for CentralNic cTLD and SLD subdomains have increased. New prices for registration and renewal can be found below;

uk.com - 39.95
uk.net - 39.95
gb.net - 39.95
eu.com - 39.95
us.com - 39.95
cn.com - 39.95
br.com - 39.95
de.com - 29.95
ru.com - 39.95
za.com - 39.95
co.com - 39.95
gr.com - 39.95
com.se - 39.95
com.de - 39.95
pw - 39.95

Apart from .PW, which is the country code for Palau, the other domains in the list are Second Level Domains (subdomains) sold by CentralNic, and are not recognised by ICANN and can be withdrawn by CentralNic at any time as they have done previously with GB.COM and another 7 Second Level Domains that they sold. Therefore we advise against customers registering CentralNic Second Level Domains listed above.

Afilias .INFO Price Increase

20 August 2018, in Domain Registration

We have just been notified that Afilias, the registry operator of the .INFO domain name registrations, is increasing prices by $2 on the 31st August 2018.

Starting 31st August 2018 the price that Web Wiz charge for .INFO domain name registrations and renewals will raise to 13.25 + VAT per year and transfers of .INFO domains will also raise to 13.25 + VAT. 

Verisign .NET Price Increase

18 January 2017, in Domain Registration

Web Wiz have been informed that Verisign are increasing the wholesale price of .NET domain name registration, renewal and transfers by $1 as of February 1st 2017.

We are charged in US Dollars for .NET domain names and with the value of the UK Pound against the dollar dropping by 17% over the last 12 months, in order that we are not selling .NET domain names at a lose we will be raising the price of .NET domain names.

Starting 31st January 2017 the price of .NET domain name registrations and renewals will raise to 11.45 + VAT per year and transfers of .NET domains will also raise to 11.45 + VAT.

.NET domain names as well as most others can be registered for up to 10 years. With Britexit looming it is only likely that prices will increase further in the future, therefore you may wish to renew your .NET or any other of your domain names at today's lower price for up to 10 years before the price increases.

Domain Name Registration/Renewal Price Changes

27 June 2016, in Domain Registration

We will be reviewing the prices of Domain Names and may need to increase the amount we charge for Domain Name Registration, Renewals and Transfers.

The reason for this review is that for nearly all Domain Names we are charged by the parent registries at wholesale prices in US Dollars while we charge customers based on UK Pound Sterling prices.

We have not changed most of our prices for Domains in the last two years, during which time we have seen the UK Pound fall by 24.58% against the US Dollar, meaning that the wholesale price we are paying is 24.58% more than it was 2 years ago*.

We aim to provide domain names at the lowest amount possible for our customers and with a 24.58% fall in the UK Pound Sterling against the US Dollar means that for a number of Domains that we provide the wholesale price is now at a higher rate than we are charging customers leading to us selling some Domains at a loss.

We will therefore be reviewing all 352 Domains Extensions that we currently provide and where needed be adjusting prices. In most cases the rise will be by a minimal amount but on some of the more expensive Domains the price may need to be increased further.

*Exchange rate for July 29th 2014 GBP to USD 1.69, exchange rate for July 27th 2016 GBP to USD 1.32 - source exchangerates.org.uk

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